About the Book

Take one adventurous little boy and one bathtub, put them together, and you’ve got—Captain Gulliver Snip and his clipper ship! Gulliver sails his marvelous ship in search of high seas. Though it’s not all smooth sailing for this intrepid explorer. When his ship sinks, Gulliver leaps overboard and makes his way to a deserted island, only to be chased up a tree by a tiger. But now the bathroom is a mess, and Gulliver’s mother is none too pleased.

By contrasting scenes of Gulliver’s fantasy world on one page with his reality on the facing page, newcomer Julia Kay tells a swashbuckling story fit for the youngest adventurer.

About the Author

JULIA KAY studied writing and art at Brigham Young University. She currently lives in Chicago with her husband, Zach, and their bathtub, Thaddeus (who dreams of being a clipper ship someday). When not writing about sea-worthy bathroom fixtures, Julia enjoys eating sweets, looking at picture books, finger painting, and taking long walks in the grocery store. She also, aptly, really likes taking baths.

Contact Julia at julia@juliakay.com, or peruse her website: WWW.JULIAKAY.COM